Wanting to do right by their valued customers, fpPathfinder reached out to KDG to do a complete UX analysis and to help create a more user-friendly and goal-oriented application. This process consisted of recurring meetings with the fpPathfinder team to review their end goals, their existing user's feedback, and what they'd like their application to look like moving forward. We presented our solution: a more organized database, clear workflows to improve the overall user experience, and a more consistent and modernized UI to encourage more valuable interactions from their users. We provided wireframes and research to help visualize how these changes would benefit them, and they liked them enough to follow through with our ideas. This further branched into a website overhaul that would keep similar content but improve the UI to visually connect it to the renewed application, as well as turn focus to encourage new users to invest in their services.

Creative Partner: Kalyn DeHaven

UI/UX Design

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